Importing timber from Ghana and the risks that are easy to come by

Ghanaian wood is well-known in Vietnam and is quite popular with two main types of wood: Red Wood (Doussie) and Lim (Tali), so in times of hot demand with these two items Vietnamese importers are actively seeking partners in Ghana to import the above two items. However, whether importing or logging operations in Ghana can not avoid unexpected risks, can cause severe shocks.

Gỗ gõ đỏ (Doussie) tại Ghana
Red Wood (Doussie) in Ghana

The issue of importers: Which partner prestige?

Many Ghanaian timber importers in Vietnam have been, and will be, duped by fraudulent partners from Ghana (such as fraudulent misappropriation of deposits). Timber exporters from Ghana have China, Vietnam, India and indigenous peoples, and China has almost shifted to exporting only Huong wood (Kosso) to their country, Vietnam as our company. Signed exclusive and not open any other partners, so the source of Vietnamese enterprises are mainly imported from indigenous and indigenous Ghanaian companies.

Indians have a better reputation than indigenous Ghanaians, but that does not mean they are not fraudulent. At the end of September 2015, I learned that an Indian company, Aditya Impex, based in Dehli, exported to Vietnam a completely red button, not to mention some Photoshop / brother. Empty has gone back to Vietnam and probably customers are complaining to the Indian side, while Indian entrepreneurs themselves are “partner” Ghana cheated ~ $ 25 thousand, so do not know yet Things will be over Indian companies do not want to do the wrong thing, but while working in Ghana I know that they are also victims of fraud, and then they will turn their customers into victims, but not 100% responsibility.

How about working with Ghanaians? Many of the articles I have written about Ghanaian culture here and for sure you can not do with the Ghanaian for a long time without problems, the problem is small or big trouble. Such as:

Get a few good headlines, cheap, then ask to transfer a lot of money and then disappear.
– Require multiple deposits to close the bulk, then do not do, do not provide, do not solve or occupy the capital to do other work.
– Incorrect goods with photos (Photoshop or wood sticky).
– The quality is not good, the customer loses tons.
– Do not solve the problem after the sale.
– No guarantee of delivery time
– Sell to other partners if customers decide not to buy quickly (in case hot)

The Problem of Timber Business in Ghana: Permanent Risk

Many Vietnamese businesses have come to Ghana, asking us about helping to carry out the exploitation, trade, supervision, clearance … wood items help them. We also have some help and support, but the exploitation and trade of timber in Ghana is more risky than buying and importing. We have met and know no less than a dozen businesses (Vietnam, India, China …) are fooled by money loss, loss of goods and a lot of trouble in Ghana when trying to join the wood trading market. Please list some typical cases of money loss:

Loss of deposit: Customers will often be “partner” Ghana led into the woods to see the logs, the area of ​​extravagant logging and then ask for a deposit to take care of the loading procedures, transportation, tax … Bring to port. 90% of deposits will be lost.

Roadside incidents: There are Vietnamese businesses carefully sending people to the forest, following the truck to escort the logs, but will continue to get in the way of unlicensed partners and taxes. Forest ranger blocking vehicles along the road, no logging contract, advance money / truck crane …. Each stage has problems leading to delayed goods, costs and other problems arise. Try to calculate if only buy a wooden car (1 business) in a week, how many months to work to offset the cost?

Waiting for goods and being sold to others: Waiting for purchases in major cities can also be done, you can get photos of the loaded wood, the number, estimated time and availability. You may need to send “some money” to make a “toll” to make sure you will buy and after a few days you will find that the car has been sold to another party, while the owner does not see. Money can take a little, but time is gold, business, if only sit waiting will be very tired and pressure.

Driving a truck can break the bowels of your wood: When you deliver the timber to a port driver, it is also a dangerous time when the trucker can carry the load to a certain yard and sell it. For those who buy stolen goods. They will rent the crane to pull out your timber and put empty empty into the import as usual. This case is becoming more and more popular and if there are no precautions, only a few mistakes will lose all the wood in the work.

Shipper / Owner can sell your Bill: After the work, the trade paper must be delivered to an agent is the shipper to export that wood, you can get the Bill Draft full but after a few days that Bill Was sold to another company. If you do not have legal status in Ghana, do not take legal action against them.

Your cargo at the port may have been lost by another ship. This is unlikely to be heard, but all shipping lines have been affected by the transfer of paper and misleading the Interchange. Your cargo “is ship” when Bill was in someone’s hand in Vietnam

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