Welcome to the King Jones International Trading Company Limited – your global marketing manager for quality products in import and export consultancy business. A member of Wisewear Designer Vietnam.
Our managing the supply chain effectively by using the shortest chain and being transparent on cots. Select building our producer and client to fit specific needs. Our procurement and distribution is driven by specialized units in order to provide flexible solutions to meet ever-changing market conditions. Our combined knowledge of the wide experience international business industry and markets in Europe, America, the Far East, Russia, the Middle East and Africa makes King Jones a serious and reliable partner.


King Jones International Trading Company Limited situated in Vietnam is a well-respected Import and Export company to international markets. 
A strict focus on quality underpins King Jones, mission and as such, only selected products brands are represented.

King Jones proudly subscribes to the following business principles:

Dedicated market management through a geographical approach

Selective supply base, underpinning market requirements

Dedicated products brand management to maximize value

Quality focus and management aimed at supporting the brand in the market place

A 12-month-of-the-year market presence by supplying a basket of products

Cost focus aimed at improving profitability for both grower and customer

Specialized export and import services

At King Jones, we source only the highest quality products available to provide you with the best range and service in the industry. If you are unable to find the product you require, contact us now to source it for you. A dynamic team with experience in export and import, with a passion for growers and customers.


At King Jones International Trading Company Limited is an export and import company we believes in the following

Procuring top-quality products for clients to fit their specific requirement.

Doing client based marketing for producers.

Doing program based business quality and standard products.

ExportAt King Jones International Trading Company Limited, We  source and export all kinds of products from  solar energy products, communication equipment, textiles fabrics, garments, Hair –extension, foot-wears, building materials, electronics components and its accessories, Chemical Solvent and Adhesive Tapes. Also export agricultural products pepper, ginger and garlics as well.

Import At King Jones International Trading Company Limited, we import South African fresh fruits produce with a strict focus on quality, and as such only selected grower brands are represented. Also we import cashew nuts, Timber and wood logs from Nigeria and Ghana to Vietnam.

Export Products:  Solar panel, Solar Battery, Inverter, Charger Controller, Communication Equipment and its accessories e.g. radio  Motorola and Kenwood , Textile Materials and  fabrics, Garments, Hair- Extension, Foot-Wears, Building materials e.g. Tiles, Chemical solvent for cleaning and Adhesive tapes e.g. VINI –Tape from Japan.

Agricultural ProductsRice, Pepper, Ginger, Garlics, and Foods Spices

Import ProductsFresh Fruits, Cashew Nuts, Timbers and Wood logs.

We strive to supply top quality products with good standard to our dedicated and respected customers all over the world to meet specific customer requirements.

Products Safety

In order to guarantee the quality products we deliver, we have developed long-standing relationships with specially selected suppliers and service providers, all of which are registered with the International Standard Organization (ISO).

All products is monitored according to strict quality standards by our experienced in-house and sub contracted QC inspectors.

Our extensive knowledge on quality standards are applied to ensure that all products meet and exceed the differing international market expectations.

Cold Chain management is priority; therefore temperature recorders are fitted at loading to continuously monitor the temperature of the container throughout the voyage.

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